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Dr Dalbir Singh

Member, Advisory Board,



Dr. Dalbir Singh is a prominent politician and passionate public health leader, renowned for his work with strategy and advocacy for impact. He leads Policymakers Fora on Mental Health as well as Tuberculosis with support of more than four dozen parliamentarians, from diverse parties and guided by distinguished domain experts. Dr Singh has led numerous delegations to major global conferences including the Inter-Ministerial Conference hosted by the WHO in 2017 and United Nations in 2018 and 2023. He also heads the Public Health Program Development for Forum of Federations, Canada and is Chairman of One Globe Forum, a reputed Think Tank for Public Policy. He has been Member, National Task Force Local Governments and Inter Governmental Commission, Govt. of India. He has multiple publications across diverse areas of Public Health, Federalism, Governance, Democracy, Women Empowerment, Global Peace and Public Diplomacy including presentations at European Parliament, Cambridge & Harvard Universities and other major International Fora.

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