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Donor: Sightsavers

ETI worked with Sightsavers India under their Keep Sight initiative to conduct a ‘formative analysis for the glaucoma project’

Conducted in Ganjam district of Odisha, the research used mix-methods to build knowledge management tools for positive health seeking behavior towards glaucoma.

The aim of the project was to integrate and enhance glaucoma management into the existing eye care structures in an attempt to reduce the number of people going blind due to untreated glaucoma. The evidence developed presents suggestions for dealing with the young, apparently healthy populations for early intervention. It aimed to look at the facilitators and barriers (practices, motivations, behaviors, opportunities) affecting glaucoma care and uptake and factors affecting treatment adherence by focusing on 3 sets of stakeholders – eye care service providers, general population over 40 years of age, and people diagnosed with glaucoma.

The qualitative data collected from the stakeholders was analysed along with data from a Phase-1 trial of community screenings of glaucoma conducted by Sankara Hospital. The factors prioritised included social, economic, and mental health impacts to ensure a holistic response to glaucoma at the community and service level is developed.

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