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COVID-19 testing: How India has fared compared to some high-income countries?

COVID-19 testing: This year has witnessed the most unprecedented changes in the sphere of health. To understand the emerging trends worldwide and to acknowledge the sweeping changes would be akin to searching for a needle in the haystack. However, there are scientific voices of caution and reasoning which acknowledge the pathbreaking changes and trends that are emerging. As we look to wrap up this year that has now scripted history as the year of the Coronavirus pandemic. we need to understand how collaborations have played a pivotal role in ramping up India’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Known as a visionary scientist, an eminent Rhodes Scholar and having been the former Chairman of the University Grants Commission (2017), Dr Virander Singh Chauhan is renowned for his research contributions in the field of malaria vaccine development and biological application of synthetic peptides. Speaking exclusively to The Financial Express Online’s Swapna Raghu Sanand, he says, “At the outset, we must note that governmental and scientific collaboration has been excellent in India, especially for the development of new testing systems. In India—as well as internationally—the scientific community has embraced collaboration.”


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