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Recent advances in the fabrication and bio-medical applications of self-assembled dipeptide nanostru

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Sonika Chibh, Jibanananda Mishra , Avneet Kour, Virander S Chauhan & Jiban J Panda

Molecular self-assembly is a widespread natural phenomenon and has inspired several researchers to synthesize a compendium of nano/microstructures with widespread applications. Biomolecules like proteins, peptides and lipids are used as building blocks to fabricate various nanomaterials. Supramolecular peptide self-assembly continue to play a significant role in forming diverse nanostructures with numerous biomedical applications; however, dipeptides offer distinctive supremacy in their ability to self-assemble and produce a variety of nanostructures. Though several reviews have articulated the progress in the field of longer peptides or polymers and their self-assembling behavior, there is a paucity of reviews or literature covering the emerging field of dipeptide-based nanostructures. In this review, our goal is to present the recent advancements in dipeptide-based nanostructures with their potential applications.

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